Jarushka Ross

In this video I got the 24 year old tourist Jarushka Ross talked to the video in Berlin! She has just looked at a few attractions and as I'm always looking for new pretty women this copy of course I like the eye. I just say big natural breasts and guys you know what I have my little breasts have many but such huge natural breasts I've never met. Her foreign touch and blond hair made me guess that I was dealing with a Czech Republic. So I approached them directly on the street in Berlin, witted as the German Scout is, I've tried with my usual scam! And lo and behold, it worked! I took her to a bridge to be undisturbed with her to take the usual pictures! The bitch then pretty quickly bared her and kept me her gorgeous breasts under the nose! After that there was no stopping for me and I just had to persuade her to shoot, with some cash I managed to persuade her pretty fast! So check out the new video and have fun!
Video from 08.08.2018
Length 57:02