German Scout Liz Rainbow

A short trip on the weekend also needs your German Scout. But if it comes to Italy, to be more specific Milan, the camera must of course be there. And that's what she was and so I could not let it on Saturday just to make the city uncertain and to go looking for it. I was looking for new great Ladies for a casting that goes in the right direction. Near a park I caught this student and scented my chance German Scout Liz Rainbow, So I had to record the persecution and a few bills I had anyway with it. At first she was really angry that I was getting on her nerves, but after 100 € she was at least ready to listen to the German Scout, which big modeling job is waiting for her. After taking some pictures outside I lured them to my RBNB apartment for the day. Finally, I still need pictures in underwear, because no one books the cat in the bag. She zock something very chic, what I had it with great stockings and corsage. A perfect start for German Scout Liz Rainbow I thought to myself and got even after a few pictures even more money out and now wanted to make a dirty movie with her. She agreed and so the video was created which you can see here in full length now.

Video from 13.08.2019

Length: 67:38