German Scout redhead Jenny

This time it was not so far away but I have unsafe in my function as German Scout Berlin. So packed camera, 500 ¬ and off to the road to try my luck. I sauntered through the streets and tried several women to get into conversation. But unfortunately it never really went far. I almost gave up, but then I saw an extremely slim mouse in short jeans, pink top and red hair. Although she went fast, but a bit haphazard and so I scented my chance for German Scout redheaded Jenny and I'm behind. She was very relaxed and listened to exactly what I have to tell her. Because it was a good modeling job for her, what I need them. 150 € later I was allowed to make some really sexy pictures of her on site and persuade her to a more intense shoot with me.

Really a super body, and she was really laid-back, that could only be a good German Scout red-haired Jenny Video. So I sat down after a few more pictures directly on my card and made her an offer. She does it with me in front of the camera, of course for me privately and they get some money and I help her with the model career. She agreed and of course I can not deprive you of the video. And guys, the video was really good with deep sucking and real departures from her. I hope she'll let me know that I have to show it to you too.

Video from 26.08.2019

Length: 56:20