German Scout Snowwhite

That was really a blatant action here in Berlin, but it was definitely worth it as you can see in the video. I just watched a bit the cars in Berlin to see if maybe a pretty mouse is there. Because today, as always, I was in search of new faces for the German Scout. Suddenly I saw a black Porsche with a dark-haired who got out there and just followed me. Of course, I also spoke to her directly and learned that the little girl works as a tattoo model and faces a casting relaxed. Her stage name is Snowwhite and just when I wanted to start with German Scout Snowwhite, her brother suddenly stood on the mat.

First, there was a good discussion why I chat his sister full, but to show them that I'm serious, I have the two a little money as allowance pressed into the hand. Now he relaxed a bit and explained that I needed some photos of her so I could include them in my file. The mind he and accompanied us to an old building, where I asked him to wait downstairs. As if alone and now it could finally start with German Scout Snowwhite, I noticed directly how angry she was at her brother. It started immediately with the hints and she seemed to be right on her own to do more.

That became relatively clear, when she suddenly began to fumble around with the whip in the middle of the pictures and now wanted to know it. I think it was so funny that she knew that she could really wipe her brother out right away. Of course I was right for it and it started right with German Scout Snowwhite and was such a crazy and violent mess that you should not miss.

Video from 02.09.2019

Length: 69:53

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