Today I was traveling in Baden-Wuerttemberg to be more specific in Stuttgart. In the most beautiful weather, I have placed myself with the camera on a hiking trail, because here is often abbreviated. Of course there is a big chance girl to meet for the German Scout could fit. After about 10 minutes, I discovered something that I liked very much! Extremely slim body, but still with big bust size and tattoos where the eye sees. Go on, camera and just try his luck, if it can be with German Scout Maja something.

She was relatively relaxed and let me explain that I always look for special women for our agency as a model. That's why we're doing these street castings and I'd like to record them. After 50 € expense allowance, she agreed and I could take the first pictures outside. Of course, that was not enough for me and so I did everything to lure her into my apartment to see if this could really work out with German Scout Maja. After a bit of back and forth, she also agreed here and only a few minutes later sat in my underwear on my couch.

What an amazing sight I could enjoy there and really easy it was. So a few pictures with some small talk and then followed the immoral offer. I wanted to shoot a really dirty German Scout Maja movie with her. Of course, only for me privately, I promised her and put some money on the table. I was prepared for everything, a slap, insults, but it came as I had hoped and there was this video which you can see here now. Have fun with it, I definitely had it too.

Video vom 12.09.2019

Length: 50:14

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