Mallorca July

Today there was a special place where I did a casting for you. I decided to fly to Mallorca shortly before the end of the season. Of course, the camera was there, because the German Scout does not go on vacation. He is looking for new ones women to lay these in front of the camera for you then flat. I got a rental car directly at the airport and was waiting for the ladies who come fresh to the island, because many have no driver and like to save the money for the taxi to Ballermann 6. Then you can use the time to talk and So today I had luck and German Scout Mallorca July could begin.

In the camera, I have a Go-Pro installed, so you can watch it all exactly, negotiate from the entrance to the final. First I told her that I am actually a Model Scout and that she would fit in very well. Natural body, nothing operated and thus different than many others around the 20 in the modern day. She found it all very exciting and immediately said, if there would be something like a cast couch. At first I thought that I did not hear correctly, but just played the game, because I wanted to shoot German Scout Mallorca July.

So I say yes for fun and then that happened with what I did not expect. She unpacked my best piece in the car and took it in her mouth. What an incredible start and arrived at the beach after a few pictures went straight into the full and we shot German Scout Mallorca July. A great malle video, which you should not miss. I wish you much fun with it!

Video from 21.09.2019

Length: 48:52

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