German Scout Cassy

There is a special video from me again. I did a few casting in Mallorca last year. But this year it was not possible to fly over because of Corona. But now the travel ban is lifted and I just tried it. So packed things and off to Berlin-Tegel and almost 3 hours later I was on the island in the best weather. A lot of people haven't been here yet, but I don't need many, just the right one. Quickly checked in at the hotel, quick shower and camera and money stowed away. I wanted to try it at the airport, because here women often need someone to go to Palma or something and you have time to convince them. And I was lucky and German Scout Cassy could be shot.

I lay in wait at the airport in Mallorca with the camera and just tried to talk to potential women. The model mesh had to serve again. And after a few fruitless attempts, I started talking to the black-haired Cassy from Germany. She is on vacation for a week with a friend and I was able to convince her to take the same pictures for my agency. So we drove straight to a dune on the beach and she started to pose. I managed that she was wearing less and less and German Scout Cassy could really go.

When she stood naked in front of me at some point I just got my thing out and she made no move. She took it really deep in her mouth and I was then allowed to sink it into her. Two meters next to us, people were walking directly behind the bushes and we were doing it on the beach as if there was no tomorrow. Really a special video with the title German Scout Cassy which you should definitely see.

Video from June 13th, 2020

Length: 42:05