German Scout Candee Licious

It's been 3 weeks since there was something new for you. But as the saying goes: "Good things take time". And I think it was definitely worth the wait. I was once again on the road for you. Because Germany is currently offering very little potential for me. I've been to Berlin a few times. But I wasn't lucky. And so after hours I had to go home alone again with an empty camera. It's just too cold, but that should get better soon. So I decided to try again abroad. There should be something. And it became what and German Scout Candee Licious came into being.

For the upcoming trip I decided on Hungary. It should go back to the beautiful capital Budapest. The weather forecast looked good and the hotel was booked quickly. As always, the flight from Berlin worked out great. When I arrived in Budapest, the sun was waiting for me. The temperatures were pleasant. Not warm, but not too cold either, so I was in good spirits. So quickly to the hotel and set up a small set. After a shower we went out into the street highly motivated. There were many women traveling. But apart from a few conversations and photos, nothing more was possible. But then I finally got lucky and German Scout Candee Licious could start.

After about 30 minutes and a few conversations here in Budapest, I had a hit. I got into conversation with a 27-year-old receptionist. I was able to quickly convince them of my agency. After many pictures here on the spot, I went to the hotel. There should be an interview and more pictures. But German Scout Candee Licious should go even further.

Arriving at the hotel, she was soon standing in front of me in transparent underwear. I super slim body was perfect and in the interview she loosened up more and more. And that's what I was hoping for. After unwrapping my cock, she sucked right away. After that I was allowed to drive into her tight horny hole without a condom. After a hot fuck I inject my load into her pretty face. And you can now see it in German Scout Candee Licious.

Video from 03/04/2023

Length: 55:15

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