German Scout Lola Emme

Matching the weekend there is something new for you again. Tomorrow it should start again with the asparagus. And while we're on the subject of bars, there's a new video. The weather is finally starting to get nice here in Berlin. But last week it looked very different. And so I planned a short trip. It should go on tour for the German Scout. The destination was quickly found in Spain and the beautiful city of Barcelona. Flights and accommodation were cheap and plentiful. So everything was booked very quickly and two days later we started. And slowly German Scout Lola Emme could start.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I was immediately impressed. The weather was perfect and there were a lot of great women on the road. I couldn't wait to finally check into the hotel. Because I wasn't here to see the city and lug around suitcases. No, because I wanted to shoot a new casting video. When I got to the hotel, I was really lucky with the room. The expectations were fully met. So quickly set up a set and get out on the street. Of course, the camera was there and I quickly got into conversation with a few women. Unfortunately, apart from a few photos, nothing came of it. But then I finally got lucky. And German Scout Lola Emme could really get going.

After about 90 minutes here in Barcelona and a lot of tries, I got lucky. I struck up a conversation with 26-year-old Lola. She was super easygoing and funky straight away. After a few pictures on the spot I was able to persuade her to come with me. After a moment's hesitation, she agreed. There, German Scout Lola Emme could really get going.

When I got there, she chose a pair of lingerie. One thing quickly led to another and she had my cock deep in her mouth. Really deep and with a lot of saliva before I drove straight into her tight hole. So I was allowed to fuck her really nice and I jerk off on her tits. And you can now see it all in German Scout Lola Emme.

Video from 04/14/2023

Length: 49:56