German Scout Runa Charm

Because Berlin was there last week Victoria was successful, I had to go again. I decided to try my luck in Berlin again. So I didn't plan anything for the weekend, Friday and Saturday. I was already really full of anticipation on Thursday evening. But this time I decided to shoot in a hotel. So I was able to search another part of the city. So quickly booked an apartment online. And on Friday I was there on time to check in. I had brought lights and some lingerie. Of course the camera was there too. And after I had prepared everything, it was time to get started. And German Scout Runa Charm could begin.

A completely new district also has one or two surprises. There were a lot of high-rise buildings here, almost like a ghetto. But I immediately thought that this shouldn't be a disadvantage. The weather also cooperated and it was warm and dry. And so I crept around. I spoke to several women directly. There were also the first pictures and one even came to the hotel. But then she didn't really relax. So it hasn't happened so far. So keep going because giving up wasn't an option. And then German Scout Runa Charm could come.

After about 20 failed attempts here in Berlin, I was annoyed. But then I started talking to a super slim student. Short skirt, bright blue eyes and 21 years young. We were immediately relaxed with each other. After a few pictures and small talk, we went straight to my small hotel. There she picked out a hot black outfit with suspenders. Now I could see even better how slim this 50kg mouse was. And now German Scout Runa Charm was ready to go.

After a few pictures we got closer and closer. I was allowed to put it in her tight pussy without a condom. I did it really intensely and deeply here. She even squirted really hard and then sucked my cock. Then I put it in again and cummed all over her wet hole. And you can see it now in German Scout Runa Charm.

Video from October 7th, 2023

Length: 37:19

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