German Scout Kristin

The German Scout on tour and you are right in the middle of it. By train yesterday it was fast to Budapest. This is a short trip from Berlin and it has always paid off for me. Relaxed women and the euro is still worth something there and gladly taken. Checked in the day apartment, it went straight to the street for me with a few bills in my pocket and the camera in my hand. The first few minutes were fruitless and the girls Unfortunately, not to be broad in a conversation. But then I stopped the 24-year-old teacher Kristin and talked to her. German Scout Kristin could start and I was curious if I could teach the teacher from Russia something. I told her about a big model job in which she would fit perfectly. I would just need a few pictures of her in underwear, so you can see her full potential properly. The customers wish that and that too would be paid for. She agreed and a short time later we were in my apartment where I started taking pictures of her. When I realized that she was finally relaxed and ready, I got a few extra bills and my best piece out, because now I wanted to shoot German Scout Kristin! She agreed and even let me enter her back door without complaining!

Video from 09.07.2019

Length: 62:22