German Scout Melina

German Scout Melina

The German Scout was back in Berlin and the environment around the university is always worth a try. So camera on stop and so I snuck through the streets. Already on over 100 meters I could then this red-haired teenager discover and dared an attempt to address them. That should somehow work with German Scout Melina and a little money I have it. So afterwards and addressed.

She is a student, 27 years old and listens to the name Melina. So from the information ever perfect for a great career in the model business. At least that's what I told her, but before that, I had something else. You know my scam and after 200 euros she was ready for sexy test shots in my apartment and so we went right there. After the first pictures I ventured the next step, because now I wanted to turn German Scout Melina and threw her again a few green bills. When I then assured her that the video is private only for me, she agreed and let it get really nice of me. And of course you're allowed to watch the video, because how do you say so nice. Out of sight!

Video from 14.07.2019

Length: 71:06