Mia Linz

Today, there is something that has not existed yet and is a rare combination. I was once again with the camera and a little money on the road when I saw this beautiful ass. And as the German Scout is so, of course he had to try his luck right away. So camera on and directly afterwards. The reaction was like many women The first I started quite scared, but then she gave me a few minutes. I learned that her name is Mia Linz and she is from Brazil here to spend some holidays.

Now I also knew why she has this incredible body. A body as you know it from travel shows on TV in which the women have such a perfect big butt. In addition a super slim belly and a smile which ice can melt. Of course, I wanted more from Mia Linz and convinced her that I was a model agent. I would like to include them in the file. After all, I also have contacts in Brazil and can help her down there as well. She really believed that and after 50 € we went to the apartment for the first pictures.

Once there I gave her something scarce to wear and made the first pictures of Mia Linz. She was really so perfect and I just had to feel her, come what may. So again brought out a few bills, after I realized that she was relaxed. And made her an offer she could not resist. We do it in front of the camera for me privately and she gets the money for it. She agreed and I could use her really well. Well that is not quite true with the private, but the video I can not deny you absolutely guys!

Video from 06.10.2019

Length: 70:48