Studentin Lara

Today I was once again with the camera on the road to provide you with new videos from the German Scout. It took a while until suitable material was at the start, because the first did not want. The second did not have time, but then I met the student Lara. Actually I have watched her before and she caught me doing it. But she took it easy and so we started talking. She is actually from Hamburg, but is currently attending one girlfriend here. She is 18 years old and has just now.

So I told her that I was Model Scout and wanted to include her in the file. And when I asked the student Lara after the first pictures to loosen up a bit, she suddenly raised her shirt. Her bare little teen tits just shown that way. I think she just wanted to lure me out of the reserve. But there she was wrong with me and of course I wanted more. So I offered her to come with me to fix, so we can take better pictures.

When I arrived, we talked so about God and the world and she completely forgot the camera. Of course, as usual, she was with the student Lara the whole time. After a few pictures I just touched her to see how she reacted and she took it so easy that it went on. We just drove it in front of the camera, of course only for me private, but you know that's just a white lie.

Video from 10.10.2019

Length: 60:02