German Scout Josy

Today I have once again boarded a plane and am off to the island. It was the season finale and there is always a lot going on at Ballermann 6. So best chances for the German Scout with a little luck Video to turn. So camera on and off to Schinkenstraße where I was lucky and this little mouse was sitting on a park bench. So German Scout could start Josy. I just approached her in a relaxed way and explained that I'm currently looking for a model scout.

She found that exciting and did not even want compensation for the time she actually always has. So I asked her a few questions and learned that she comes from Klagenfurt in Switzerland. She is currently vacationing here in Mallorca and enjoys the sun. It fits perfectly with German Scout Josy and so I made her an offer. We could make her sedcard final. It would only have to come to the beach, where we can take pictures.

She agreed and the little one was so loose that when she arrived at the beach she peed in front of the camera. Apparently she needed so much, but that was exactly my thing. The chances of a German Scout Josy Porno were bigger than ever, so I asked the questions of all questions for more pictures. If she would be willing to do a nasty movie with me right on the beach. She said yes immediately and I could hardly believe my luck and we started really cool!

Video from 29.10.2019

Length: 54:57