German Scout Valentina

It was Sunday and Venus 2019 in Berlin was coming to an end. So I thought, camera on and let's see if not a pretty girl on the forecourt sneaks. The German Scout never rests and often it is the luck of the able one. And so it was today, when I spotted Valentina in black leggings and check shirt there. So directly on camera and behind. I had a little money in my pocket and what have I got to lose.

When I approached Valentina she did not want to have anything to do with me. She probably did not believe me that I'm really a model scout. That's not me, but this one German scout mesh just works too often. So I pressed her fix € 50 in the hand for an interview and I could record them in the file. She thought that was great and after the interview I invited her to my hotel for a few test shots which I have there. Because the customers have to see something more!

She agreed and when we took the pictures, I brought Valentina always something to take off until she was completely naked before me. She was relaxed and I was cool, so just try his luck. So I took out my cock and looked something happened. She was really shocked, but when I then promised her that the video is private only for me, you could tell her horniness. She dropped to her knees and made him rock hard again. Then I was allowed to use the little mouse really nice without a condom and vollkleistern the face.

Video from 24.10.2019

Length: 35:56