German Scout Vinna

I was back on tour to make some great new videos for you. Because a true German Scout never rests and since the Venus Award I want to show you more and more great videos. This time I was in Prague and am first with the camera in my luggage through a shopping center strolled around a lady to find the desire for a model job. Since I discovered a really cute and sporty mouse in a cafe. So camera, all courage taken together and the video German Scout Vinna could begin.

So I'm right at their table and introduced myself as a fashion scout looking for new faces. She would be perfect for the next job. I would just need a little interview and a few pictures, then I could recommend them directly to the client. Of course I would compensate her even with this effort with a few euros. She thought for a moment, then agreed to German Scout Vinna. So we started directly with the first pictures and she told them that she would do a lot of sports.

Of course, I use that directly and told her about a bikini campaign in which I could get them down. I only need a few pictures in underwear. Of course we could not do that here in the center. But with me in the RBNB apartment that would be directly possible. She agreed and now German Scout Vinna could go into the hot phase. When I arrived she was relatively naked and after I took a few pictures, followed my offer. We could turn a small movie for me privately, of course against Gage. Now that we're here, it's done quickly. First she was totally overrun, but then found the idea so cool that she joined.

Video from 06.11.2019

Length: 59:57