German Scout Anita

What I experienced here today on the streets of Berlin almost borders on madness. But here is the complete story about the video. I was traveling with the camera in cold but sunny weather when I suddenly saw a few. He was a little older and I was skeptical if the little girl is already 18 years old. But I took courage and talked to them after kissing each other. I learned that this is girlfriend from Madrid, named Anita and is 18 years old. So it's actually perfect for German Scout Anita, I immediately thought.

I told him about my job as a model agent and invited them to my apartment. There I wanted to take some pictures of her to record them in the file. Since Anita did not speak English so well, her boyfriend had to translate, but that was fine with me. After the first pictures I told him that he better just go for a coffee. Women are often not relaxed when the guy is with him and he wanted good pictures, so that orders come. He understood that and now German Scout Anita could really start where he was gone.

As soon as he was out of the door, I got out some colored bills and held them under her nose. I explained that I wanted to make a private movie for myself. And no sooner had she agreed than I took out directly my best piece and held it in front of her face. Only hesitantly but then really deep, she took him in the mouth. And guys, now the hammer is coming, the mouse was so delicate and tender, but I just could not resist and wanted the perfect German Scout Anita video. And so I pushed her the thick thing even really hard and deep in her back door. Her eyes just rolled away, but then she seemed to like it!

Video from 10.11.2019

Length: 69:42