German Scout Mary

It continues with the best real street casting and you should not miss this video. I was back in Budapest as a German Scout. Best weather, which is no longer the case here in Germany. So do not wait long and straight to the street and then there was the video highlight German Scout Mary. That was really awesome with a super sweet little mouse.

I spoke directly to her on the street and learned that she is 20 years old and here from Budapest. She studies and is interested in modeling. The figure and the face she definitely has for that and so I went on with my Model Agent number. Because after I could look under her skirt and saw that she was not wearing any underwear, I knew that the chances were good. So she made the offer, that we could finish her card file and they would have to come to me shortly. A little money helped with the decision-making process and German Scout Mary was able to get started.

Arrived in my apartment we took the first pictures. Then I told her about an offer from a company for underwear, which is also super paid. Of course, I also had something to the rehearsal and asked her to put it on. She did that too and after a few more pictures in sexy lingerie I made her an unethical offer. I wanted to shoot German Scout Mary. She gets extra money from me and I get a filthy movie with her as a keepsake for me. She thought for a moment, but then agreed, and so did this movie!

Video from 14.09.2019

Length: 76:27