German Scout Stacy

This time I was back on tour and drove by train for 3 nice days to Budapest. Of course, my reason for the trip was to shoot new videos for the German Scout, so of course the camera and some money was back. Checked into the apartment and it was off to the street to demand my luck out. The first ladies were not so excited, but then I met a tanned mouse that was almost Latina and introduced itself as Stacy. Thus, German Scout Stacy could start!

I told her about my job as an agent and that we are looking for new faces for our modeling agency. First she did not want to listen to me, but after 50 € as compensation for the effort she gave me her ear. I just need a few pictures that we also made immediately on the spot. But then I remembered that I have an assignment for tomorrow in Budapest. For a catalog of underwear and she would fit there perfectly. I just need a few pictures of her in appropriate clothes and could suggest them immediately. She agreed and we went to where German Scout Stacy could really go.

After the first pictures, a few loose slogans and the feeling that now is the right moment, I took out a few bills. I made her the immoral offer that I want to make a small film for me privately. She gets some money and her chances with the model job would rise as well. She agreed to German Scout Stacy, but what I experienced blew up every expectation. She was really dirty, made everything without rubber and let me push my best piece deep in all 3 holes. The absolute madness that you should definitely see!

Video from 21.11.2019

Length: 67:39