German Scout Mina

And this time the good was really so close again. Because I just grabbed the camera and I moved through Berlin to try my luck as a German Scout. In good weather I did not have to wait too long and fortunately I met after 2 clear refusals on this cute tattoo mouse. I briefly introduced myself as a model scout and we were in conversation and German Scout Mina could start.

Immediately I noticed her crass tattoos and the funky way and so we had an issue directly. I was able to convince her that a video casting and pictures could help her enormously in her career. And at only 24, she has the best chances. And so she accompanied me directly into an empty building after some pocket money jumped out for her. Now I sensed my chance for much fun at German Scout Mina.

Once there we made the first sexy pictures and after she was really relaxed, I asked her much more money for a private movie. I wanted to have fun with her and I felt like I was lucky here. And that's how it came about and it was really hard to use right out there and that's how this German Scout Mina movie came to be. In no case miss and really enjoy!

Video from 25.11.2019

Length: 68:35