GERMAN SCOUT Gina Flensburg

Today there is something very special of your German Scout and I was traveling in the far north. The Tattoo Model Snowwhite from one of my last videos called me again and invited me to Flensburg to shoot. I should bring the camera and then she would explain the rest to me here. So off to the north and let's see what happens there. Arrived she told me that she works as a noble lady here in the P-Club and has suggested that I could test girls in Flensburg and in the club and film. So it came to German Scout Gina Flensburg.

So I wanted to first see what the city has to offer and I'm going directly with the camera to see if I'm lucky. I could shoot directly in the shop, I just had to find a woman. And after a few unfortunate attempts, I met a 20-year-old blonde mouse, who is on vacation in the north, and was able to convince her of a casting as a model for my agency. So directly into the car and to the club with great hope for the German Scout Gina Flensburg video.

She was a bit skeptical, but I explained that the location was perfect for pictures. And a friend gave it to me. That was ok for her and so we went in and I was able to take the first pictures of her. A little later, also directly in underwear and when she had shy, she found the subject exciting and asked more and more questions. Since I have seized the opportunity right at the ready and offered her a real casting now directly. She thought about it but then was fully involved and it was this video German Scout Gina Flensburg.

Video from 03.12.2019

Length: 57:11