German Scout Cindy

Today it was time again from Berlin just over the border in search of new women for a casting. To be more precise we went to Prague, which is always worth a visit from Berlin. There quickly taken a hotel room, some money and the camera packed and on the street. I was lucky and it was dry, the sun was shining and the temperatures were pleasant. So I addressed the first ladies, but unfortunately was not lucky until I met this slender mouse. After I told her about a modeling job, she gave me a chance to talk to her and German Scout Cindy could go.

She comes directly from Prague is 1.69m tall and has a super slim body. Of course that would be super good and I would have to record it only in my file and she could really start. At first she was skeptical like many others, but the money I offered her directly exulted then too much. So she agreed that I could take a few body pictures of her. And now German Scout Cindy could really start.

When I arrived at the hotel I took the first pictures and interviewed them. Then I put out sexy underwear and asked her to put on this, which she did totally relaxed. It became clear to me, there is something going on right now and when the time came, I just got my best piece out. And now the hard part of German Scout Cindy could start, because she took it directly in the mouth. Then I could use them really nice and zurkleistern the small sweet butt for the final.

Video from 05.12.2019

Length: 46:13