German Scout Melina Malle

And there is another Malle special from your German Scout. I was in Mallorca about 3 weeks ago to use the last warm days there. Of course, my main focus was once again on female vacationers. Because my goal was to do a spontaneous casting again and I had a pool made available to me by a friend. You could do a shoot there and shoot right away. What was missing was the shooting partner, camera on and just made Palma unsafe for German Scout Melina Malle.

It didn't take long and after a few cancellations I met this red-haired mouse in a light summer dress with a natural body. No silicone and just natural and easy on it. So I was able to convince her directly for a little pocket money to do a few test shots by the pool in a bikini for my model agency. So quickly get your clothes to your hotel and off you went to the pool where German Scout Melina Malle could really start.

When we arrived at the pool, we took the first pictures in a green bikini and I noticed how it became looser and looser. After I was able to move her to do away with the top, I got another 200 euros out with the aim of being able to do it in front of the camera. At first she thought about it, but when I pointed out that she had just told me about a fight with her boyfriend and that she should see it easily, she agreed. She was probably so mad at him that she could repay him and now I was allowed to use her really well in German Scout Melina Malle.

Video from December 17th, 2019

Length: 45:12