German Scout Candy

It continues, with great street auditions all over Europe. This time your German Scout has moved to Hungary again. To be more precise to Budapest. From Berlin it is just a stone's throw from the plane and the apartments are cheap and the women relaxed. So quickly checked into the apartment and the same evening on the street. Because it is Friday and there is a good chance of winning a young woman here for a casting. And so it came to German Scout Candy.

The first ladies had no time or desire to tell them about my model agency. But then I met the slim blonde mouse Candy and could exchange a few words with her. She was in a very relaxed mood and could at least give her my number if she would like to take test shots tomorrow. And she felt like it and phoned me the next day and I booked her for little money for the first pictures. When she arrived at my house, German Scout Candy was finally ready to go.

After the first pictures in clothes I asked her that we also need pictures in underwear for bikini advertising. She agreed and when I saw this slim dream body, I couldn't do anything else for long. I took out a few hard euros and made her an immoral offer to shoot German Scout Candy with me as a little reminder of this trip. And it would certainly not be a disadvantage for her if she participated. She agreed and so this film was created that you should definitely watch!

Video from December 20, 2019

Length: 66:16