German Scout Venus

After my last trips to London, Prague and Budapest I decided to take a few days off here in Berlin. But I wouldn't be the German Scout if it didn't itch after all. And so I decided once again to make the streets of Berlin unsafe and to look for a woman. A woman who is attracted to me with the prospect of a great career as a model. Then to make a dirty film with me. In the past 2 years this has worked over an incredible 150 times! And even today I should be lucky and the video German Scout Venus with a beautiful chocolate mouse was created!

I had the camera ready and just sneaked through the streets here in Berlin to try my luck. The weather was wet and cold and I didn't think I had much of a chance. But even better than sitting at home and so I spoke to woman after woman, but didn't get warm with them. Until a Latina with super great skin color and curls ran past me and I could get her into a conversation. I lured her to me with a photo shoot for my model agency and there German Scout Venus could start exactly as I intended.

When I got there we had already spoken on the way and she was already relaxed. So I could put out a tight white outfit that looked mega on her chocolate brown skin. So I took the first pictures and when I had the feeling that she had become loose enough I just took out my best piece. Which looked at her in shock, but then made her smile at him. After she sucked it hard, I was allowed to use the little mouse really nice and spray it in the face. You definitely have to see this video entitled German Scout Venus!

Video from May 28th, 2020

Length: 66:29