German Scout Scarlett

Here is a video from London, which I shot shortly before Corona. Unfortunately I have only now been able to upload it for you. Because the German Scout is always on the go and the office at home often remains empty. But now the time has come and I was in London for 4 days to see what was going on there. And it definitely worked, so that 4 videos were made. But today I had something special in mind, because I wanted to shoot with a mature woman. I had already won three young women for a casting on the street for some money. Now she should be at least 40 years old. And I didn't know if it would make things easier or more difficult! But I wanted to give it a try and was lucky and German Scout Scarlett emerged, which I would now like to tell you about.

I sneaked through the streets of London and today it should be a woman over 40 that I get around. I had practice with young women, but now I was extremely excited. The first time I approached nothing, but then I was really persistent with a MILF. She looked stressed but not completely averse and I wanted her for a shoot. At least in the beginning I told you what I really wanted, you know exactly. I was able to convince her that I am a Model Scout and she followed me to my hotel and German Scout Scarlet could really go!

When I arrived at my house, I took the first pictures and tried to get them easily, which I succeeded in doing. And at some point I just held my tube of 46 year old slim MILF in front of my face and let it snap on. You could tell that she had never had fun in front of the camera. But that appealed to me even more and I just did what I wanted with her before she realized what was happening to her. So what I set out to do worked and you can see it now in the video German Scout Scarlett.

Video from May 26th, 2020

Length: 55:02