German Scout Nelly

Today there is something very special for you from Berlin with a wonderful young lady from the German Scout. I was out and about in the capital in the best weather and my goal was to convince a lady to take action with me. I had money, camera and a good mood with me and had a good feeling. Because there were many people on the streets. And after the probability calculation there should be something for me too. I stayed close to the fair and hoped for more luck there, but had to speak to a few women. Here and there a small talk but nothing tangible. And then she came and it could start with German Scout Nelly.

I saw her right between the people here at the Berlin exhibition center. An extremely tight Leo dress and long black hair. I just had to try my luck to get her to me. An offer to get into my model file should be enough and so I addressed her. She was a little flabbergasted at first, but then started to tell me and so I found out that she is only 22 years old and does not come from Berlin. Everything fits so far so I was able to take pictures of her on the spot. And when she suddenly crouched, her dress slid up and she didn't seem to mind that I could see her horny pussy bare, I knew what was going on. I was able to convince her to come to me directly and German Scout Nelly could go on.

When I arrived she was relaxed, grabbed a body and put on the tight part. She moved with the pictures on the bed and finally she looked so stubbornly at my step that I simply unpacked it. And then came where I have been waiting for so long. She took it beautifully deep in her mouth to use it bare afterwards and let her slim body be filled deep with my piece. Absolutely unbelievable, but best see yourself in German Scout Nelly.

Video from 04.06.2020

Length: 67:07