German Scout Scyley

Today there is something really good for you from your husband just in case. The German Scout was in Budapest again and I really wanted to shoot something. So I spared no expense and effort and booked a really nice apartment on the Internet. I recovered a little on the first day and set up a provisional set with which I can get started tomorrow. The next day was the best weather and I decided to go out on the street at noon to pick up a lady. So packed money and camera and straight down to the door. I was close to the university and my chances should be pretty good. And even today I was lucky and German Scout Scyley was created for you.

After about 30 minutes and a few tries, I finally got into a conversation here in Budapest with a teen. She was a bit stressful at first, but when I told her about my model agency it was exciting for her. I was able to take the first pictures on site and question them a little. So I found out that she is 21 years old, has studied and has a boyfriend. I didn't want to hear that, but it was often not an obstacle for women. I was able to further convince her to come to me because with 176 cm she fit perfectly as a model. And German Scout Scyley really got going.

When I got there we wanted to do a sexy shoot and she put on her underwear and posed for me. She pulled out more and more and when I said from Gag that she could play at times she stuck her finger straight in at her. Incredible and that was the starting signal for me and I took it really nicely to my chest. Incredible, with the long legs and round buttocks, she let herself be used bare and accepted everything with a smile! And you could see it now in German Scout Scyley.

Video from 07.06.2020

Length: 57:09