German Scout Bibi

The borders in the EU are completely open again and I thought about where to go next. I love Amsterdam and it was only natural that the German Scout should try it in the Netherlands. So camera, money and a few outfits packed and booked a vacation rental. It should be right in the center near the red light district. So if nothing goes at street casting, I should definitely have fun anyway. So off on the train from Berlin and in the evening I was in Amsterdam. Quickly slept the night, everything was set up in the morning and it went straight to the street at 10 a.m. Here I addressed the women directly and tried to convince them with my relaxed manner. And I was lucky again and German Scout Bibi was born.

After about 30 minutes here at the canals of Amsterdam I saw a Latina with extreme tattoos. Even on the face it was painted and I thought that if I got it around it would be really dirty. So I spoke to her directly and told about my model agency and that I really want to take test shots with her. I was able to convince her and after we took the first pictures on the street she followed me to my apartment where German Scout Bibi could really start.

Once there, I put out a few outfits for sexy pictures that I also needed for the documents. And suddenly she stood in front in a black outfit, which perfectly matched brown skin. After a few pictures, I couldn't go on and made her an immoral offer. Then I could use it really nice and bare and paste my face on it! Really cool and you can see it now in German Scout Bibi!

Video from June 25th, 2020

Length: 66:00