German Scout Lucie

Since it worked so well here in Budapest on the first day with a shoot, I was hopeful to be lucky on the second day. I went to bed early and wanted to be fit for the next day. Because as a German Scout I have to be able to offer women something if it really should work again. So get out the next day in the morning and try my luck. But unfortunately nothing worked and I addressed the women one after the other, but couldn't convince anyone to come to me. So I had lunch first and decided to try again in the early afternoon. Well-fed I walked the streets with my camera in my hand and money in my pocket and should be lucky. So a great video was created with the title German Scout Lucie.

It took me about 40 minutes and 5 tries here in Budapest to get in touch with an 18 year old lady. She introduced herself as Lucie and has just returned from school. That sounded exciting and I told her about my model agency and was able to convince her to take first pictures. When we had them in the box I asked her that we could take better pictures with me and she agreed and it could start with German Scout Lucie.

When I arrived at my house, I persuaded her to do a sexy shoot so that we could process her portfolio properly and start it off. Of course I had other plans for her. And when she stood in front of me, lightly clothed, and I saw her delicate curves and large natural breasts in front of me, I couldn't help it. I just got my part out and after she had overcome the first shock, she was able to use it naked in front of the camera. And it created German Scout Lucie which you should definitely see.

Video from 04.07.2020

Length: 61:47