German Scout Kitana

Budapest is really beautiful this time of year! And the women are relaxed and open to new things, so I decided to fly over again quickly over the weekend. So packed things, pocketed some money and booked a vacation rental. Luckily I had an early flight and so I was able to start again on the first day and try my luck. At least that's what I thought, but then I really had to accelerate. Quickly set up the light, prepared a few things and then I decided to try my luck straight away. Unfortunately I was not so lucky with this apartment in terms of location, but if you don't dare you don't win and so I started. And I was really lucky again and German Scout Kitana was born.

After about 10 tries and 40 minutes here in Budapest I was finally lucky and got into a conversation with a great woman. And that was really a dream. Fitness model from Budapest, who actually lives in Paris now. I could hardly believe my luck and had to persuade her to take pictures. And I succeeded and after we took the first pictures outside she followed me to my apartment. German Scout Kitana could really get started there.

When I arrived I wanted to hold onto her fitness body and when she was standing in front of me in underwear I was completely flabbergasted. What a dream body and now I wanted everything and did everything I could to use it really nice and bright in front of the camera. And my effort was successful and I had one of the hottest shoots I've ever had, but best see for yourself in the video German Scout Kitana.

Video from 07.07.2020

Length: 65:21