German Scout Frederica

I still want more videos. On great street castings with the chicest and best women from all over Europe. And I hope you still have as much fun with every video as the German Scout. Because I was on the road again and tried my luck at a street casting. I ended up in Budapest again, probably for the last time in the next few months. Because the end of August is Barcelona and I want to check out the women there. It's been over 1 year since I was there and it may be successful again. But back to Budapest. After I rebuilt my apartment as much as I needed, I went out on the street. Despite the most beautiful weather, I wasn't lucky at all. But then I decided to sneak around a little near the university. And today I should be lucky and so German Scout Frederica was born.

It only took about 10 minutes and 3 cancellations here at the university in Budapest and we could start. I got into conversation with a super slim 22 year old student with glasses. And that fit exactly into my scheme and so I persuaded her to take pictures on the street. And to get her new modeling career off to a good start, I suggested going to myself. She agreed and German Scout Frederica could really get going.

When I got there, I suggested sexy pictures because we needed them too. And after she presented her slim body in this body, I couldn't help it. I just have to put in the hole and try my best. And I was able to convince her with a lot of charm and use the delicate mouse bare and deep. A really cool action that you can now see in German Scout Frederica.

Video from 08/13/2020

Length: 62:13