German Scout Rae

There is a real treat for you to see today. Sweet as chocolate, but in contrast, this temptation doesn't make you fat. On the contrary, it seduces you into a daily work-out. At the weekend I was again quickly in Budapest, because with this wonderful weather I couldn't help it. The chances are never as great as in the sunshine and during the holiday season. And of course the German Scout shouldn't be missing. So I landed on the plane and of course I booked a vacation home online. Luckily I was there around noon and decided to try my luck today. So quickly set up a provisional set with light and everything that goes with it. Money and camera inserted and straight down on the street where German Scout Rae could go.

It didn't take long here in Budapest when the weather was fine and I started talking to several women. Unfortunately there was no final spark, but then this African came with brown skin like chocolate, a lion's mane and the body of a model. I had to speak to her directly and I was lucky. I was able to convince her of my job as a model scout and after we took a few pictures she followed me into the apartment. German Scout Rae could really get started there.

When I got there, we continued and when she was only standing in front of me in underwear, it was over to me too. I held my best piece in front of her face. And after she sucked it hard I drove into her bare and had fun. After she got a violent finish, she decorated her brown face with my white sauce! A dream that you can now see in German Scout Rae!

Video from August 6th, 2020

Length: 65:37