German Scout Joena

It continues again with real and great street castings from your German Scout. This time I decided to spend a weekend in the beautiful capital. So booked a hotel in Berlin and packed all things together. On Friday I was there around early afternoon and already set up the lights and everything. It should make a somewhat professional impression when I come up here with a lady. And so I went down on the streets on Friday, but to be honest I wasn't lucky. So I had to go to bed unsatisfied, but made sure that it had to work on Saturday. And I should be successful and that's how German Scout Joena happened the next day.

On Saturday I was out here in Berlin around noon and tried my luck. After a couple of rejections, I got into conversation with an 18 year old teen. That was really tough, but then I was able to convince her. And after the first pictures outside, I was able to lure them into my hotel for better pictures. German Scout Joena really got going there.

When I got to the hotel, we did a short interview. And when we came up with the most beautiful topic in the world, I realized that she is a really nasty mouse. Now I put everything on one card and got my thing out. She acknowledged that with hot sucking and then let herself be taken by me without a condom. And you can now see it all in German Scout Joena.

Video from 03.09.2020

Length: 60:48