German Scout Pantera

Oh, what was I looking forward to this little trip and I should be right. Another trip to Barcelona was planned. It's still sunny there and I wanted to come back with some great videos. So packed your camera and a few clothes and off to the airport. I had already booked the apartment for the weekend online with my mobile phone. I only had to pocket some money and it was off to the airport. Because of Corona, everything went faster than I've ever had before. And when we arrived in Barcelona, the weather was perfect and my apartment left nothing to be desired. So quickly set up the light and improvise a small set. And when I looked at the clock it was only 1 p.m. So what to wait I thought to myself and decided to try something today. And I was lucky and German Scout Pantera was born.

Right next to my apartment here in Barcelona, I snuck through a graffiti park. I figured my chances here shouldn't be bad. And I was right and I saw a really showy red-haired mouse. Of course I spoke to her directly and was able to convince her of a shoot. German Scout Pantera could really start now.

When I got there, she was already relaxed through the conversation on the way there. And when I showed her couple of outfits she put on a clear blue one straight away. How amazing was that on it, I thought to myself. And it should get even more blatant and barely 10 minutes later I was bare and deep inside her. What is very special you can see here! You shouldn't miss that in German Scout Pantera.

Video from 09/10/2020

Length: 62:02