German Scout Tina

It's getting colder and colder and the days are getting shorter. That's why I decided to try my luck as often as possible. The goal should also be to do a few shoots in the last few months of the year. With real women, spoken to on the street and enticed with one or two euros. So I decided to go over the border again for a trip. It was supposed to go to Prague, where I was lucky and had a lot of fun the last two times. So booked a holiday apartment online, which is not that easy in Corona times, and packed your things. I was there around noon and decided to go straight to the street. Quickly set up a light, shower and pocket money. And already I was on my way and should be lucky today too. And that's how German Scout Tina came into being.

I've been sneaking through the streets with my camera here in Prague for 30 minutes. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I got into conversation with a slim 22 year old student. And I was able to lure her into my apartment where a few pictures. And German Scout Tina entered the hot phase.

When I got there, we did a short interview and I got her to the point where she was sitting naked in front of me at some point. And now my chance came and I just held my best piece in front of my face. And she snapped really deep and then let me ram her naked. A really great pleasure and you can now see it in German Scout Tina.

Video from October 1st, 2020

Length: 49:42