German Scout Kira

Today I want to show you a real gold treasure, where I thought about doing it for a long time. I went to the Venus in Berlin last year and got two shoots with a real star. But what I haven't revealed yet is that there is still a film there. I was at the fair until the bitter end and then just snuck across the site. There I met Kira Queen, who was booked there on Venus. She had finished work and was standing lightly dressed outside to smoke. I really wanted to take the chance and just spoke to her in front of the camera. After a few good words and some change, she was ready. And German Scout Kira could go.

I spoke to the star Kira Queen right after the fair here in Berlin. And since work was over and the words probably fit, she accompanied me to the hotel for a few pictures. I really didn't think it would really work, but she was really relaxed. And so German Scout Kira was able to enter the hot phase.

When we arrived at the hotel, we took hot pictures in a tight outfit. But she was so violently unrestrained that the next steps came all by themselves. You suck my best piece right on it. And when she sat on it afterwards, I couldn't believe my luck! And you can see it now in German Scout Kira.

Video from 09/24/2020

Length: 48:31