German Scout Zaawaadi

Today there is again a real treat for you. If not a piece of sweet chocolate to better describe it. I was out and about in Berlin spontaneously in beautiful sunshine. Of course the camera and some money were included. And a location for shooting was also available. An old Lost Place in the middle of Berlin, where I could lure the lady straight to. So I crept through the streets and had no luck with the first conversations. Somehow the worm was inside today and so my mood got bad. But a German Scout doesn't give up and so I kept trying. Then I saw a black woman with tight leggings and curly hair. So right behind and approached them. I was lucky and she gave me her ear. And German Scout Zaawaadi was ready to go.

I spoke to this black MILF directly in the industrial park in Berlin. I was able to convince her to take a few pictures at a lost place. And once there, one shell after another fell. So she was soon standing in front of me in red underwear and naturally grabbed my crotch. Now German Scout Zaawaadi could get dirty.

Natürlich holte ich ihn direkt raus. Und nachdem sie ihn mit tiefen blasen schön hart gemacht hat lochte ich blank in ihr dunkles Loch ein. Eine richtig schön behaarte MILF Pracht die sich hier Outdoor von mir benutzen ließ. Mehrere Stellungen und viel Spaß später durfte ich ihr das Gesicht vollkleistern. German Scout Zaawaadi ein richtig geiler Film, den du nicht verpassen solltest.

Video from October 15, 2020

Length: 58:31