German Scout Gabriela

There is something new for you again from me. And after that piece of chocolate from last week, there is now the tender temptation. I was in Spain two weeks ago, in Barcelona to be precise. I already showed you a video of this trip, but I was there for 4 days. And of course it shouldn't stay with a video and I was on the road again the next day. With the most beautiful sunshine I was in a good mood and some money with me. There were a lot of women on the road, of course many with face masks. But the tops and skirts were all the shorter. It's a strange picture when women have more fabric on their faces than on their bodies. But that should only be good for me and so I was lucky again today. And it came to German Scout Gabriela which you can see now.

I was here in Barcelona for a good 25 minutes and on 3 attempts I got into conversation with a super slim Latina. After a few words, I was able to persuade her to do a shoot for my model portfolio. After we took the first pictures in the short top I invited her over to me. And German Scout Gabriela was able to enter the hot phase.

When I got there I put her red underwear and high heels out. And when she stood in front of me 5 minutes later I knew what would hopefully happen soon. And it worked today too and I was able to sink my best piece bare and deep into the tight mouse. There was a little mishap in the end, but you'll see that right away. The video German Scout Gabriela is really awesome and you shouldn't miss it!

Video from 10/22/2020

Length: 65:46