German Scout Macarena

There is something new for you again and I would call that a little highlight again. I was once again in sunny Barcelona. There I was able to inspire several women for my model agency at my street castings. And for most of them, more was possible with good words and a little cash. Here I decided to walk down the boulevard in Barcelona. Because due to the Corona restrictions, the side streets were pretty empty. But it didn't go really well at the beginning. The women were pretty distant and shocked by what the German guy was doing with the camera. But then I saw a super slim blonde Latina in jeans hot pants. I sensed my chance and immediately took up the chase. And German Scout Macarena was ready to go.

I spoke to this perfect 20 year old Latina with a dream body here in Barcelona. After a few good words I was able to convince her to take pictures for my modeling agency. You were in for a great career, I told her. And so I was able to take her to my apartment. Once there we took the first pictures for the underwear part. And German Scout Macarena was able to enter the hot phase.

After seeing her there in the lingerie, I wanted more and her smile told me that she wasn't averse either. So I put everything on one card and unpacked my best piece. She put it right in her mouth. And so one thing came to another and I was allowed to sink it deep and bare into their narrow hole. That was absolute madness and at the end it was really full of paste. But it's best to see it for yourself in German Scout Macarena.

Video from January 22nd, 2021

Length: 62:42