German Scout Megan Berlin

There is something new for you again, which I would like to please you with shortly before the weekend. The video is from last summer and it wasn't just a lot of fun for me. But I think that you too will have fun with it. But let me tell you from the start. This time I tried my luck in front of my own door here in Berlin. So get ready, take your camera and money and around noon we went out on the street. And today it was really tough and exhausting to talk to women. Many blocked directly with all sorts of excuses. But I stayed on the ball and didn't give up. And so I was lucky today too. I spotted a super slim mouse in a red dress and went straight into pursuit. I had given up hope a bit, but I wanted to give it a try. And this time I should be lucky. And German Scout Megan Berlin was ready to go.

I spoke to the super slim mouse here in Berlin. And so I was able to find out that she comes from Russia and visits a friend here. That was perfect and I was able to convince her to take pictures for my modeling agency. We use a lost place here in the capital. And it became more and more relaxed and at some point she was standing naked in front of me. And German Scout Megan Berlin was able to enter the hot phase.

When she was so naked in front of me, I tried to minimize more and more directly in the distance. And she allowed it and when I just got my thing out at some point, she got on her knees and snapped right on. It started really cool and when I was allowed to hole bare in her tight hole afterwards it was perfect. I did what I wanted with her and completed myself in her face. Be sure to see Megan Berlin in German Scout now.

Video from 01/29/2021

Length: 67:44