German Scout Agatha

That was a special casting, which would not have happened without help. I was here in Barcelona a few months ago. And there I was able to persuade the MILF Bianca to do a spontaneous shoot. I was still in contact with her and when she found out that I was back she had a suggestion. She told me about a super delicate shy friend I could shoot with. She wanted to do the whole thing as a little surprise and see if I could do it. So I got my rented apartment ready to go and got in touch with her. We agreed that she would tell her friend about the photos. These should also be paid for and she knows the photographer. That pulled and so the three of us could meet here in the afternoon in the city. And German Scout Agatha could go.

Bianca from one of the last videos brought her delicate friend to the meeting here in Barcelona. She had told her about my modeling agency, but what exactly it wasn't about yet. So I took her and after we were in my apartment, we took the first pictures. The clothes got lighter and lighter and at some point the mood was so relaxed that it just grabbed my crotch. And German Scout Agatha entered the hot phase.

Of course I didn't fight it and after a dirty blow in POV it really started. I was allowed to sink my prick bare and deep inside her. We were really dirty and for the finale there was my cream all over her face. You have to see that in German Scout Agatha.

Video from 02/05/2021

Length: 65:49