German Scout Verena

And again there is a new video for you in the new year. I hope you got through the first few weeks well. Paid the bills that keep rolling in in January. And of course watched the films that were uploaded in the last few weeks. If not, it's really about time. Because you're definitely missing out on something if you miss it. And now here comes the next chance for you on a video that is real from life. Where the women do what they enjoy and you get your money's worth. And today it's about German Scout Verena from Budapest.

I had decided to travel abroad again. But this time Prague was too cold for me. And nice weather was announced for Budapest in Hungary. So the goal was quickly found. After I had taken Friday off, all that was missing was a hotel. This was also quickly booked online. And thanks to the Corona Booster, arriving by plane was no problem either. So everything was set and on Thursday evening my plane left for Hungary. I got there late at night and didn't do much in the evening. But I had big plans for the next day. And so I was already on the streets around 11 o'clock. There were several conversations, but I wasn't lucky. So I tried my luck until 3 p.m., but was unlucky. But then I should still be lucky. And it could start with German Scout Verena.

Around 3 p.m. here in Budapest, I finally got into a long conversation with a lady. After 4 hours of only receiving rejections, I was able to convince the 30-year-old, 180cm tall Verena of my agency. After a few pictures I was able to convince them to take more pictures at the factory site. There, German Scout Verena could really get going.

Once there, it became more and more revealing and soon she was standing naked in front of me. An absolutely gorgeous body stood there from me. And when she noticed my reaction she just unpacked it. Deep and wet she sucked my best piece. Then I was allowed to stretch her long legs in the air and just bare. Simply amazing and you can now see it in German Scout Verena.

Video from 01/27/2022

Length: 50:51