German Scout Katharina

And again there is a new video for you from me. And this time I stayed at home. I wanted to try my luck in Germany. So it was great that a friend invited me to Stuttgart. I don't know my way around there that well. But if you can do well in Budapest and Prague, you should also be successful in Stuttgart. At least that's what I thought and planned with him that I could stay with him for 3 nights. He also knows about my special hobby and so I was able to take my camera and everything else with me. To stay flexible I decided to drive down with my car. Everything was quickly stowed away and it could go down on Thursday. And German Scout Katharina went off.

The trip to Stuttgart was relaxed. And after we made Thursday evening quite long, it didn't start until around noon on Friday. Of course I had let him give me a few locations. There he promised that many women would stay. Of course, I rattled these off bit by bit. But it shouldn't really work. Except for a few conversations, not much came of it. I really thought it would be easier. But then I unpacked my old scam and drove to bus stops in my car. I've often been lucky there. And that's how it should be today and German Scout Katharina started.

Around 3 p.m. and many fruitless attempts here in Stuttgart, I finally got lucky. I saw her standing at a bus stop in leggings. So car parked and approached. The first reaction was really dismissive. But I was able to convince her and after a few pictures there she even took me with her. And there German Scout Katharina could really get started.

From her looks, I could already guess that she was a bit crass on it. But when the door opened and I was standing in a studio, it made sense to me. So I could save myself the long beating about the bush. One thing quickly led to another and we just had our fun. Without a condom and really messed up. Of course the camera was rolling the whole time. And you can now see it in German Scout Katharina.

Video from 02/01/2022

Länge: 35:23