German Scout Lizi Vogue

Matching the weekend there is something new for you from the German Scout. And I was on the road again and came back with a great video. You shouldn't miss this, but first I'll tell you what exactly happened. During the week I tried to shoot one or the other casting here in Berlin. I also talked to a lot of women. There was even a shoot, but I'll show you that next week. But I wasn't under any pressure because a flight had already been booked for the weekend. It should go to Budapest again. And that's where German Scout Lizi Vogue should start.

Things were quickly packed and the weather forecast promised the best weather. So it was on Thursday evening to the airport. After a good landing and checking in at the guesthouse, I set my alarm clock early. I wanted to use the time as wisely as possible. And after a good breakfast and setting up a small set with lights, we started. Camera in hand, I walked through Budapest. I didn't miss a side street either. I got into conversation with a few women, mostly students. But there were also many holidaymakers here. And then German Scout Lizi Vogue started.

After a while here in Budapest and a few talks, I met a young Russian woman. 20 years young and super slim she stood in front of me. She's on vacation here right now and was super laid back. So I was able to convince her quickly with a few pictures. And after that I was able to persuade her to take better pictures in my pension. After a moment's thought, she agreed and off we went. There, German Scout Lizi Vogue could really get going.

Arriving at my pension, she quickly stood in front of me in white lingerie. Super slim and super sexy and quickly we both knew what we wanted. After a quick grip on her little butt, she took out my cock. After she had sucked him ready to go I put him in bare. It was really super tight and I couldn't believe it. After a lot of fun I squirted my whole load in her cute face. And you can now see it in German Scout Lizi Vogue.

Video from 06/10/2023

Length: 43:43