German Scout Charlie Forde

It's that time again and matching the weekend there is a new video. This time I didn't have to run very far. But I was able to poach right outside my front door, if you can put it that way. But I'll tell you the best from the beginning. Because there must still be so much time before you can treat yourself to the video. And you won't regret it because there is a horny blonde MILF for you. And now I would like to tell you about German Scout Charlie Forde.

The sun shone through my bedroom window on this Friday morning. I hadn't planned anything for the day either, so my plan was quickly made. A new German Scout video should be created today. And I wanted to shoot it right here in Berlin. There are currently many people out and about in the capital. Many are here for vacation or study. And so my chances for the day were pretty good. So quickly under the shower and cleaned up my apartment. I don't want the woman to get a shock if it works. If so, she should get it when I open my pants. And so we went straight to the door with the camera and good hope. And German Scout Charlie Forde could start.

After about 45 minutes here in Berlin and a few unsuccessful attempts, I got lucky. I struck up a conversation with a 32-year-old vacationer. She's staying with friends in Berlin for a few weeks. And she's straight from Australia. I've never had that before. But that made things really difficult with a model casting. But she had time and was in a good mood, so she just went along with it. And after many pictures I was able to persuade her to come with me. And there German Scout Charlie Forde could really get going.

Once there, she immediately agreed to sexy pictures. She quickly stood in front of me in transparent underwear. And from then on it was clear to me that we both wanted the same thing. So I didn't wobble around for long and held my thing right in front of her face. Deep and wet she spoiled my pipe and then let me in her tight hole without a condom. She went along incredibly hard and even squirted when she orgasmed. After a dirty number I sprayed my load in her face. And you can now see it in German Scout Charlie Forde.

Video from 05/27/2023

Length: 66:16