German Scout Micky Muffin

First of all, I wish you a nice Sunday. For many people, tomorrow is a bridge day to the public holiday on Tuesday. So it's perfect that there's something new again. And by new I of course mean a video from the German Scout. And that should be something for each of you. A happy coincidence made this casting possible. But it's best I tell you this from the beginning. I wanted to shoot something again over the weekend. It was the last weekend before Venus 2023 in Berlin. So I thought to myself that I should go on a trip again. My decision this time was on Prague. I wanted to travel there by train and spend 2 nights. And that's where German Scout Micky Muffin was able to start.

After I booked an apartment online and a train ticket, it was decided. I quickly packed up my things and my camera. I was already sitting on the train on the way to Prague on Friday morning. Everything worked really well and I was in the apartment quickly. The weather was surprisingly good. And so I decided to try my luck on Friday. So I quickly showered and put the lights on. And then I was on the road. I struck up a conversation with a few fancy women, but I wasn't having any luck. But after a little more than an hour the absolute blast came. And German Scout Micky Muffin was ready to go.

After many failed attempts, I started talking to the 25-year-old Micky. She actually comes from Bremen, but was on vacation here for a few days. She was immediately super relaxed. And so after a short conversation I was able to lure her to me. Before that she asked her fiancé! He agreed, but also wanted to see the pictures. I've never experienced anything like that either. When she arrived at my place, she soon stood in front of me in her underwear. And I was able to examine her slim dream body. And German Scout Micky Muffin was able to go further.

It became more and more relaxed and at some point she had my thing in her face. She sucked him hard really hot. And shortly afterwards I was allowed to put it in without a condom. Really nice and tight and hot. But then the blast came and she just stuck it bare up her ass. She was really up for it and left me no other choice. While riding I cummed deep in her tight asshole! And you can see it now in German Scout Micky Muffin.

Video from October 29, 2023

Length: 70:18

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