German Scout Madison Quinn

It's another Saturday and in most cases that means the following. Namely that there is another new video from your German Scout. And so it should be the case on this day too. Fresh material directly from the capital Berlin. But I'll tell you from the beginning how it came about. I had nothing planned for the first weekend in November. So it was time to try something with the camera in Berlin again. So the apartment was cleared on Thursday. The camera loaded and so I waited for the next morning. The plan with German Scout Madison Quinn was planned.

The next morning I woke up early. After a shower and a good breakfast, I ventured out the door. I wanted to search some universities and the surrounding areas. The weather was fresh but dry and so the chances were good. After just a few minutes I had my first conversations. I was also able to take a few pictures on the spot. But when it became more concrete, it was over again. But that's completely normal and so I just kept trying. And then I was lucky and German Scout Madison Quinn was able to start.

After about 2 hours and many visits here in Berlin, it finally worked. I started talking to the super slim 28 year old Madison. An exchange student from Russia, she told me. We quickly became fond of each other. And after a few pictures from the model portfolio, she followed me. The plan was to take more sexy pictures at a lost place here. Soon she was standing in front of me in red underwear. So I could see her delicate body and long legs perfectly. And German Scout Madison Quinn was able to really get going.

It didn't take long either. And after a few slaps on the bottom she unpacked my thing. She got it really hard and deep. And shortly afterwards I was allowed into her tight pussy. Immediately afterwards she stuck my cock in her asshole without a condom. The absolute madness of how she went off. And finally the cream was applied directly to her sweet face. And you can see it now in German Scout Madison Quinn.

Video from November 4th, 2023

Length: 53:26

Free trailer for the video, 20 minutes long