German Scout Sara May

Again there is something new for you from me. This time a few days late. There will be a new video not on the weekend as usual, but on Tuesday. But that was a good thing, because the last few days were stressful. I've been traveling a lot, but that means I'll have some hot videos again soon. This time it was really super spontaneous. Since the Venus Fair was coming up again in Berlin, I wanted to try my luck there. Many women there are often very relaxed. Performers and visitors are often right in front of the entrance. And at the end of the day you often start talking. At least that's how it was last year. And the plan for German Scout Sara May was in place.

Last year I was also able to film a video here. So the hope was definitely high. But of course I wanted to visit this trade fair myself. Just hanging around in front of the entrance was too strange even for me. So I packed my things and cleaned them up. Of course the camera was there. So I spent several hours here at the event. I talked to a lot of people, but the crucial thing was yet to come. And German Scout Sara May was ready to go.

After visiting the Venus trade fair here in Berlin, I took my chance. I spoke to several women right in front of the entrance. The mood was relaxed and I was able to convince a MILF. The Latina Sara let me persuade her to take a few pictures. More should then possibly arise in the hotel. So we quickly got to the hotel and soon she was sitting upstairs in front of me. And German Scout Sara May was able to really get started.

And really cool things I got to see there. One thing quickly led to another. And what I love about mature women came. She knew what she wanted and what a man needed. After deep blowjobs, she licked my asshole. Then I put it straight in. After some hard driving I sat on her face. So she licked my rosette again until I squirted all over her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Sara May.

Video from November 28th, 2023

Length: 28:43

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